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Griet Van den Auwelant



31 January 2020


29 April 2020



Witness the birth of the Lucky 13 spiritual sculptural dolls with each its unique features and powers. Get immersed in the story and explore the virtual world created by Griet in search of the magical lucky 13. Take a peak in the studio and see the artist at work in 360 degree video. Or interact with sculptures and bring them to life using the latest cutting edge technology. A truly magical experience.

Once upon a time, on a far away planet, a lonely astronaut girl was lost.

She didn’t know how long she had been there, and for an untold time she stood there, longing to be found, waiting for something to happen. Yearning to come to light.
Waiting to be again...

Roaming around while time was escaping, on a day unforeseen, her eyes caught the sight of a strange rock. She lifted up the rock, gently, and dusting off scraps and dust, little by little revealing a ceramic doll of divine creation.
She cared for the magical doll, sang to her and by her whispers she gifted the doll a part of herself, blessed it with a destiny. The astronaut girl send the doll off into the universe and set her mind to finding more magical rocks and more sculptures.
With every doll she uncovered and every new encounter, the astronaut girl gifted each doll with a special part of herself and saw all of them becoming their true self.
Eventually, after exposing a last 13th doll, the girl was nothing more than a wisp of herself and with the next dust storm, the lonely lost astronaut was scattered into a sparkling pool of nothingness.

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