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Emerging artists and cutting edge exhibition technology.


Discover the beautiful work of our artists in an interactive and immersive exhibition. We work hard to surprise and innovate, frequently changing our space to carefully complement our artists’ work with cutting edge technology. Every exhibit uses the latest interactive tech, virtual reality, holograms, music and video to bring you the unique story of the artists' collection.

UNICONSCIOUS artwork by Louisa Bakhmullaeva



Solo Exhibition by Louisa Bakhmullaeva

June 12 - August 12, 2021

Louisa Bakhmullaeva explores the uniconscious. A world of art, science and consciousness. Like an astronaut she ventures into the untouchable world of her imagination. Follow her, follow the reflection of the moon underwater and into space. Experience the uniconscious inside out.

Poster for Griet Van den Auwelant Galleria D'arte Extraterrestre Solo Exhibition



Solo Exhibition by Griet Van den Auwelant

Until January 3rd 2022

All material things; cars and screens and kitchens... that is just... here. All the things we need; inner spiritual power, the divine, fearless energy... is here when we call for them. All the world needs; unity, positivity and love... that is hidden... to be revealed once humanity is ready for it. They've just been waiting for the right moment listening to the noises of dinosaurs and people... dabbling around. Now open your eyes and return to your world.

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We find and nurture emerging fine art talent. The future of the art world's biggest names are here for you to discover in an augmented exhibition area. Check out their profiles below.

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Paintings and sketches

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Ceramic sculptures

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GALLERY a concept of B·U·T is a digitally enhanced space conceptualized by B·U·T as part of our vision to inspire and innovate, and our commitment to support art & culture in the community. The project aims to show how technology is an essential part of storytelling embedded in our cultural heritage. We take pride in being at the forefront of technology. Integrating devices and software that are hot off the press, or not even released officially yet. We know how to wow visitors and to go where no one has gone before. The is showing the world new ways of exhibiting fine art. It is a test ground for some of the latest innovation complementing the work of emerging artists. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Please visit our website for more information.

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Help us support our emerging talent

Our cutting edge Art Gallery would not be what it is today without generous contributions from our benefactors. Thanks to art lovers like yourself, we can hold more exhibitions, and give more up-and-coming artists an opportunity to showcase their work and make a name for themselves. Please get in touch to make a donation today.

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